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Is There A Goose of Gold In Store For You?

Not quite, but investing through Karatbars might do the same in effect. Karatbars International was founded in 2011 in Stuggart, Germany, and has been providing individuals with top quality Gold ever since. This company is changing the world’s finance everyday, with their incredible tenants of purity and excellent service. It could be safely assumed that […]

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Karatbars Is Changing Currency Forever

Ever wonder if there’s any certainties in the marketplace at all? Karatbars International is really wanting to change the game with their new Gold cards. Each Card is outfitted with a UV Proof covering, and LBMA Certification, so to assure you that you’re gold was, is and will always be legitimate. The LBMA stands for […]

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Gold is the Spotless Alternative to Cash

Have you grown tired of the loopholes of currency? Do you want to invest in something that won’t depreciate or become invalid? Well, Karatbars International Gold bars and Gold cards might be for you! Every investment in gold is as steadfast as the material itself, and there is no signs that this crucial elements worth […]

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Gold Will Not Falter, Gold Will Not Rust.

There is a growing dissatisfaction with the current system of wealth, but unbeknownst to most, there are ways through the nonsense. Karatbars is one viable solution, offering their premium quality gold bars, certified at 999.99% purity through the LBMA. Every ounce of gold is as valuable as the next Is your money sitting in a […]

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5 Reasons to buy Gold Today!

Are you tired of your finances losing their worth through time? Well, Karatbars International is willing to shed light on confident spending, with their new offer of 1 gram Karatbar cards, as well as their gold bars. This list is aimed towards directing everyone towards a currency that is infallible. 1. Possession of Gold is […]

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Secure your Finances with KaratBars

There can be no doubt when it comes to knowing where you stand in finances. There’s no room for slack, mistakes or miscalculations. KaratBars is well aware of the strenuousness that will ensue from trying to play keep up with the ugly monster that is the economy. There’s precisely one gram of 999.9% gold in […]

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Stability and Security of Gold

Karatbars is Able and Secure

Karatbars is pioneering the way in reliable currency which you can carry in a wallet, with their premium cards which contain 1 gram of certified gold. Every piece is completely compatible at any bank or institution, as they are verified with the LBMA’s rigorous certification, which can be seen by the certification seal on every […]

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10 Facts of Gold and Silver.

1. Gold is recycled more often than silver, as around 40% of gold is recycled and put back on the market every year, it’s estimated that nearly all the gold ever mined is still in circulation, as it is simple to identify, and known throughout the world. 2. Silver is the only element on the […]

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