Health & Wellness

Health is a facet of life that can always be improved through scientific method, and I am truly concentrated on everyone thriving, as health doesn’t need to be a curse, when pure health is complete bliss.

There is nothing more apparent than the artificiality of listless medicines, prescribed and over the counter. Heart disease, obesity, anxiety are all major issues which can’t be conquered with a magic pill. Corporate pharmaceuticals are often a pointless attempt to take credit for nature’s work, and it’s certainly true that health will only come from the individual’s will to know their body, and supplement it properly. No longer is it viable to depend on an outside source for your health.

That being said, I feel it is also my responsibility to share any information I find to be true, through any method of communication available. As your health directly affects my own, I feel everyone has the responsibility, and the completely natural obligation to keep everyone else as healthy as possible, all the time. There is no sense in disconnection and the treachery that can result as of that disconnect.

brainfuel2While the solution to health will never be ‘you have this so take this’, but through experimentation and research we all can truly optimize our ability to function and act in this existence. One product I offer on this site is Brain Fuel Plus, a supplement with B-vitamins, Ashwagandha root, Ginseng, and a number of other vitamins and nutrients, which can be crucial to your day-to-day function. For instance, ginseng is well known for properties which may include: stimulating energy, stress reduction and keeping your mind centered and working thoroughly.

Health is a field of science today that is often lacking in clinical assurance and the proper medicine. Many individuals get wrongly prescribed daily, because of quack, overpaid doctors (this doesn’t mean to offend the true doctors.) I believe that we have invested too much faith in doctors, when we need to do our own research and know with certainty exactly what our bodies are, need, and are doing. These all directly affect our health.

Every act you partake in is crucial to your health, which is why it is of utmost importance to be aware of everything you are doing. Everyone has the right to live in harmony with their body, and I am here to see you exceed expectations!

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